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We believe in all natural, amazing taste and great health. We also believe that our beloved coconut has incredible health benefits that have been enjoyed by people for thousands of years. Our name Cor de Coco means “from the heart of the coconut”. We are also bandits for coffee. The morning ritual, the pick me up, the afternoon lift, the chill out and chillax, the life pause, anywhere really. So we set out to combine our two loves and create the healthiest, tastiest, cleanest, most refreshing iced coffee in the market and we reckon we got it right!

Made with 100% cold extracted Arabica coffee, 100% pure coconut water and coconut milk with no artificial ingredients at all. We even use Coconut blossom for the sugar so it’s a lighter, low GI kick to see you through the day…You’re welcome!



The temperature used to brew coffee ultimately affects its taste. Where a slight bitterness is acquired throughout the hot brew process, cold extracted coffee is brewed with cold water for ages (10-12 hours) to deliver a sweet, perfectly balanced and delicious flavour. Coupled with coconut water, creamy coconut milk and coconut blossom sugar, our cold extracted coffee tastes amazing and has a 4.0 Star Health Rating! There’s patience in the cold extraction process but it’s well worth the wait.

Cold Extracted Coffee Cold Extracted Coffee


We’ve scoured the globe and found the best coconuts and coffee to create Cor de Coco, a coconut iced coffee that is a naturally flavoured, healthy and allergen friendly! Made with 100% Arabica bean cold extracted coffee, loaded with all natural goodness and no artificial ingredients, Cor de Coco offers 30% less in sugar than most iced coffee brands and delivers a delicious taste we love and hope you love too.

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Coconut Double Shot Espresso
Coconut Double Shot Espresso